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Hydraulic system for Macken Street Bridge

Hycom has delivered the complete hydraulic system including the cylinders for the Macken Street Bridge in Dublin. The Macken Street Bridge …
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Overhaul Dollegoor-bridge

For the revision of the Dollegoor bridge, Hycom supplied a hydraulic aggregate and two cylinders. The hydraulic aggregate is fitted with a tank …
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Hydraulic cylinder with manifold and accumulators to open the Dollegoor bridge
Door cylinder for the Volkerak locks

Volkerak Revision | Hydraulic System to speed up the levelling process

Hycom provided and adjusted the existing hydraulic system to¬†ensure shorter waiting times for the ships travelling through the locks …
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Hydraulic system for the Botlek Bridge

Hycom developed and built the hydraulic system for locking the bridge and the¬†systems for tensioning the drive and balance cable …
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Hydraulic power unit installed on the Botlek bridge